About the PTA

Dear Parents and Teachers,

As residents of the most ethnically diverse county in the United States, we have a unique opportunity to connect with people we ordinarily may not, and contribute the best of what we have to offer to a shared community with a common purpose. Our local school is such an opportunity.

The PTA is a recognized 501(c)3 is a recognized non-profit. It is our forum in which to build this community—to exchange our ideas of what we see possible for the school, to offer our talents and resources, and to simply stay in communication with one another. The school will thrive best with the active support of the people who care the most about our children—us. The strength of PTA lies with its parent involvement and membership.

We have the possibility of a harmonious, flourishing and vibrant PTA whose sole purpose is to support our school in providing the best opportunities for our children, and in creating the space where their character, intellect and talents are nurtured.

To this end, the PTA Board will maintain common values of Integrity, Humility and Learning, we will support the school in delivering on its belief of “children hav(ing) a natural desire to learn, imagine, explore, and create.” We will be inclusive of all members and keep open the lines of communication in a transparent and respectful manner. We will create an environment in and out of PTA meetings that is welcoming, and objective. We will keep agendas in line with discussing goals and well researched plans of action. We will act in accordance with the Department of Educations’ philosophy of “Children First. Always”.