Some very important dates this week

Picture Order Deadline 12/8/17 :  Orders entered by the deadline will arrive at school before winter break and will ship free.  The PTA gets 15% of your order to fund our programs for the school.  Pictures can be ordered at  The password is PS303 + First 3 Letters of First name + First 3 Letters of Last Name. 12/8/17 is also the day for retakes.  (If you wanted a retake and didn’t get confirmation from me, email me at

Mixed Bag Order is Coming:  Our order from Mixed Bag shipped last Friday and should be arriving at the school this Friday (12/8).  We generated $2394 in profit for our PTA funded programs, which is even better than last year!

PTA Meeting Thursday 12/7/17: Mrs. Leto will be in attendance to fill us in on the discussions about keeping the current 3rd grade students on for next year. The PTA has no knowledge of any formal proposal by the DOE, but the complete elimination of pre-K classes next year has been brought up (with negative initial feedback for the idea). The original proposal by some parents to have one forth grade class and one pre-K class next year is problematic given current third grade enrollment.  I strongly recommend all parents attend this meeting, particularly those hoping/planning for their children to be in pre-K or Forth grade classes in the future.

Best wishes to all,

Todd Holden

PTA co-President